DIY freeze dry jolly ranchers

Crunchy, Crispy, Candy: How to Freeze Dry Jolly Ranchers

Since the dawn of sugar confections, candy enthusiasts have pondered life's sweetest mysteries.

What if we could elevate the iconic Jolly Ranchers candy and transform it into a new form of candy delight?

Enter the magical world of freeze-drying, where freeze dried Jolly Ranchers become the rockstars of the crunchy, crispy candy universe.

In this candy-coated tutorial, we're diving into the whimsical process of freeze-drying Jolly Ranchers.

So fasten your seatbelts, sugar lovers, as we embark on a journey to turn ordinary candy into freeze-dried wonders.

Disclaimer: Freeze-Drying May Cause Irresistible Candy Obsession

Before we enter the enchanted world of candy metamorphosis, let's get a disclaimer out of the way.

The following content may induce a craving for crunchy candies.

Reader discretion is advised, especially if you're prone to spontaneous snacking and develop an overwhelming desire to freeze-dry everything in your pantry.

Proceed with caution with your stash of Jolly Ranchers in hand.

Pro Tips: Turning Candy Chaos into Candy Art

Before starting our candy-coated adventure, let’s go over some pro tips to avoid turning your kitchen into a sticky mess..

We recommend using pre-cut parchment paper on all your trays. Trust us, parchment paper is the unsung hero of hassle-free tray unloading.

Now that we’ve saved you from a potentially sticky situation, let’s unravel the secrets of freezing those Jolly Ranchers!

Prep Your Candy Alchemist Setup

Assemble your Jolly Ranchers squadron and set it close to your freezer.

If you haven't joined the tray stackers club yet, consider doing it as soon as possible. They'll be your trusty sidekick in this sugary quest.

Step 1-4: Setting the Stage with Candy Mode

  1. Select CUSTOMIZE: First, on the home screen, hit the Customize button.
  2. Temperature and Time Dance: Set the drying temperature to 150°F and extend the dry time to a sweet 3 hours. Dance like nobody's watching and press the SAVE button.
  3. Freeze and Activate "Candy Mode": Channel your inner candy wizard. Press START to freeze the vacuum chamber for 15 minutes. Once frozen, activate the "Candy Process" button – your magical wand for candy transformation.
  4. Load and Seal the Magic: Place your Jolly Ranchers on trays, ensuring a snug fit. Close the door, latch it like you’re guarding a treasure chest, and press "CONTINUE". Now it’s showtime!

Step 5-12: The Grand Finale of Candy Evolution

  1. No Pre-Heating Required: Here's the secret twist – there’s no need to pre-heat those Jolly Ranchers. Just hit "SKIP" and let the magic unfold.
  2. Automatic Candy Ballet: Watch the candy ballet unfold as the drying process starts automatically. The pump kicks in after the trays reach 135°F, gracefully orchestrating the candy symphony.
  3. Post-Transformation Decisions: As the process concludes, you face a choice – "START A NEW BATCH," "DEFROST," or "NO DEFROST." Choose wisely, candy alchemist. If you're feeling adventurous, hit "CANCEL" to test your candy prowess.
  4. Repeat the Sweet Symphony: To start a new batch, dance back to step 10. If you've had your fill of candy for the day, select "NO DEFROST," leave the door and drain valve open, and turn off the machine – until the next candy craving strikes.

The Art of Jolly Rancher Unwrapping: A Candy Ballet of Precision

Now, let’s get into the process of unwrapping Jolly Ranchers. Picture a candy maestro with a knife turning this tedious task into an art form.

Two at a time, sliced in half – it's a candy ballet that's as visually mesmerizing as it is mouthwatering.

As the candy maestro weaves through Jolly Ranchers, their sharp knife becomes the magic wand.

Quick, precise cuts ensure a clean performance. The result? Perfectly sliced, ready-to-transform Jolly Ranchers – a spectacle worthy of a candy symphony.

The Freeze-Drying Maestro's Tips

  1. Speed is Key: The maestro's secret? Speed. Rapid, precise cuts ensure a clean finish, sparing the candy from unnecessary crumbs.
  2. Mind the Name Game: A word of caution – avoid using the name "Jolly Rancher" carelessly. Hershey, the wizard behind the brand, might not appreciate the unauthorized candy namedrop. A simple renaming act keeps the candy harmony intact.
  3. Chill Before You Freeze: A neat trick emerges for the candy maestro on a tight schedule. If time is of the essence, stack the sliced Jolly Ranchers on a tray and pop them into the freezer. It's a strategic move to prevent sticky encounters.

Freeze-Drying Chronicles: From Candy Maestro to Candy Lover

Enter José, the freeze-drying maestro on a mission to turn every candy into a freeze-dried marvel.

In the underground candy lab, with his trusty companion Mark (not the scientist kind, but a four-legged candy aficionado), José unfolds the secrets of freeze-drying candy at home.

How Freeze Drying Works – The Candy-Style Edition:

José introduces his freeze-drying arsenal – the Cube from Prep4Life. This machine combines a vacuum chamber, a freezer, and a dryer all into one.

It’s the candy universe's answer to preservation, creating a symphony of candy magic. It isn't your average freeze-drying tale; it's a candy-fueled odyssey.

Prepping Trays: A Canvas for Candy Artistry:

As any candy connoisseur knows, the canvas matters. José unveils his prep ritual, showcasing the candy variety – Nerds, gummy clusters, raisins, and Skittles.

A gentle reminder: leave room for candy expansion; divas need their space.

Starting the Batch – Candy Express Mode:

With trays laden with candy dreams, José powers up the Cube. Candy Express Mode engaged – a feature that freeze-dries almost every candy imaginable.

Close the drain valve, and the waiting game begins. In a mere 15 minutes, the candy ballet is set to commence.

The Candy Ballet Unveiled: Crunchy, Crispy, and Irresistible:

The reveal is nothing short of spectacular. Crunchy Skittles, crispy Nerds, and irresistible gummy clusters – a candy lover's paradise frozen in time.

The delightful sound of Skittles resembling glass marbles cascading echoes through the candy lab.

The reasons? They're deliciously spherical, and the freeze-drying maestro has transformed them into art.

Tips & Tricks from the Freeze-Drying Maestro:

José shares his candy-coated wisdom. The sound of perfection is the key – Skittles should sound like little glass marbles.

In a world where candy-packing mishaps abound, José’s candies remain pristine orbs.

His secret? Perfect packing for a symphony of candy crunch.

My Bundle – Freeze-Drying for the Candy Enthusiast:

José unveils a candy lover's dream bundle with prep for life as a parting gift.

The Cube, silicone mats, trays, lids, cookie sheets, bags, oxy packs, a sealer, a drainage bucket, and a dash of candy for good measure.

It's the ultimate freeze-drying arsenal for aspiring candy maestros.

Conclusion: A Candy Odyssey Beyond Imagination

And so, dear readers, our crunchy, crispy candy journey ends.

From the realms of Jolly Ranchers to the candy ballets of freeze-drying, José the candy maestro, leaves us with a sugar-coated smile.

As you embark on your candy odyssey, armed with freeze-drying magic, may your treats be crunchy, crispy, and endlessly delightful.

So why stop at Jolly Ranchers? The candy universe awaits your freeze-drying adventures. Happy candy crunching, fellow sweet seekers!

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Embrace the crunchy, savor the crispy, and indulge in the sweet magic of freeze-dried candy. Your candy utopia awaits – seize it now!

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