About Us

Welcome to Evolved Freeze Dried Candy, where the Parks family turns basic treats into delicious sensations!  We didn’t start out as Candy Makers in fact it was quite an opposite journey as we own and operate a Sports Nutrition Store. Our children, Jack and Ella, are active in archery and soccer and are always encouraging us to carry trending products in our store.

When Jack and Ella bought a container of freeze-dried candy at a soccer tournament, the entire family was hooked on the flavor and the crunch! At the insistence of the kids, we purchased a Freeze Dryer and began making freeze dried Skittles, Starburst, and taffy for our family and friends. The soccer team kiddos were always quick to give feedback, ideas and help us perfect our candy making process. After hearing, “I’d pay to have freeze dried candy this good” and a lot of encouragement we decided to share our sweets with the community.

After we established a commercial kitchen in our business, we began to sell candy from our retail store and local customers wanted to be able to share our candy with friends and family across the world. Then, our venture into online commerce began. We are proud to have the opportunity to share our treats with people all over the world and teach our children that with hard work and dedication dreams can come true. We are also so blessed to be able to use this business to help fund youth sports and more in our community.

In the words of Tony Robbins, “BUSINESS is a SPIRITUAL GAME. As a business owner or entrepreneur, it is your opportunity to do more for others than anybody else — in whatever area or industry you’re in. It’s about what you GIVE, not what you get. And when you’re obsessed with giving more – with meeting and surpassing the needs of your clients, you’ll not only succeed, but you'll make a DIFFERENCE in their lives.”

Our goal is to provide you with a candy experience that exceeds and surpasses all of your expectations, so that we can continue to bless you and others.

The Parks Family