how to make freeze dried skittles

Sweet Innovations: How to Make Freeze-Dried Skittles

Skittles can cheer you up with their lovely fruity flavors when you are feeling low.

Whether an adult or a kid, fruity Skittles are the top candy choice for most people around the globe.

They are highly tempting and can be easily consumed on the go. The rising popularity of freeze-dried Skittles has pushed candy lovers to make these little joys of candies at home.

If you are one of them, we have the most exciting details to share with you today. Let’s find out how to make freeze-dried Skittles.

Making Freeze-Dried Skittles: All You Need to Know

If you search for where to buy freeze-dried candy near me, you may find many local stores offering Skittles in different fruity flavors.

Breaking down the recipe behind them can be challenging. However, you can make some of your own at home if you have the following things.

  • Skittles (You can choose your desired flavor)
  • A Freeze Dryer (You can buy it or rent it)
  • Silicone Baking Mat (You can get it from the market)

Once you have these items ready, you can proceed to the making process.

We have covered all the essential steps you need to follow to make freeze-dried Skittles below.

Please note that you should perform each step carefully to get the best results.

Step-By-Step Procedure

step by step freeze drying process

In the first step, you need to prepare Skittles by sorting and separating them (based on color). You can also mix them if you need a variety.

Once done, place the sorted Skittles on a silicone baking mat in a single layer. Make sure they do not touch each other to avoid sticking during the freeze-drying process.

The preparation process can be time-consuming. Avoid rushing through the sorting and layering part to get the best results.

Pre-Freeze the Skittles

The freeze-drying process involves freezing the candies for flavor concentration. To ensure effective results, a good rule is to pre-freeze the Skittles.

Place the prepared Skittles in the freezer for a few hours. Check them in equal intervals to avoid over-freezing.

Placing them in the freezer can speed up the freeze-drying process.

Take them out once frozen to prepare for the next step. You can also check the layer carefully to rule out the possibility of overlapping.

Set Up Freeze Dryer

In the next stage, you may set up the freeze dryer. Follow the instructions given on the equipment to set it up.

Choose a well-ventilated location with sufficient space for airflow and place the freeze dryer on a stable surface.

Connect the equipment to a power source by following the listed electrical requirements.

Clean the trays and arrange them as recommended by the manufacturer. Remember to thoroughly clean the trays before arranging them in the machine.

Load Skittles into the Freeze Dryer

After setting up the freeze-dryer, you can load the frozen Skittles into the freeze-dryer trays.

Make sure that the pre-frozen Skittles have sufficient space between them for proper freeze-drying.

Be careful when arranging them in the trays. You may not want to waste your candy batch due to human error.

You can wait for Skittles to warm up a little if the pre-freezing makes it difficult to arrange them correctly in the trays.

Start the Process

After loading the pre-frozen Skittles into the freeze dryer’s trays, you can start the process as recommended on the equipment.

Typically, freeze-drying takes time to complete. It is a gradual process that helps to trap the candy flavor in each Skittle.

When freeze-drying for the first time, you may check tutorials about operating the equipment correctly.

If possible, seek help from a professional to perform all the steps accurately.

Monitor the Freeze-Drying Process

When subjected to freeze-drying, Skittles may dry up and gain a crunchy texture. The drying time may vary based on the candy size.

Smaller candies are more likely to be dried sooner than the larger ones. Monitor the process at regular intervals to make necessary changes to the settings.

Please note that each freeze dryer may have varying specifications. Checking user reviews for the model you choose can help you evaluate its performance.

Remove the Skittles and Store Them

After completing the freeze-drying process, you can remove the freeze-dried Skittles from the trays.

Their texture should be light and crispy. If you notice moisture, you may repeat the process for a short interval to ensure that Skittles are completely dried.

Once removed from the trays, you can store the freeze-dried Skittles in an airtight container to maintain their crispiness.

Important Tips to Choose a Freeze Dryer

tips to choose a freeze dryer

When learning how to make freeze-dried Skittles, you may pay close attention to choosing the freeze-drying equipment.

Even the slightest mistake in this regard can ruin your batch. Here are a few important tips you should remember for choosing a freeze-dryer.


Check the freeze dryer’s capacity and compare it with your needs. You may always choose a bigger freeze dryer to ensure long-term suitability.

Remember, freeze dryers can be expensive. You may carefully evaluate the capacity factor before choosing one.


Determine the available space in your workspace to decide on the ideal freeze-dryer size.

Some models are relatively compact, making them easy to move around based on your needs.

Bigger models may take up a lot of space in your kitchen, making them less suitable for smaller spaces.

User-Friendly Controls

An important factor you should check before getting a freeze-dryer is ease of use.

Complicated controls may make it difficult for you to manage the equipment effectively.

Always consider models with user-friendly controls. They are easy to understand and operate in different settings.

Drying Time

Some freeze dryers take too long to dry candies. If you need them for commercial purposes, consider options with faster drying times.

Final Thoughts

freeze drying tips for beginners

The above information can help you analyze how to make freeze-dried Skittles at home.

Following the mentioned steps can save you time and hassle of shopping from the market.

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